Liziqi Weave A Lamb Wool Cape For The Winter

Liziqi | Weave A Lamb Wool Cape For Winter

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A few days ago, I took the remaining silk and cotton to the neighbor’s house to exchange some lamb’s wool. I want to make a cape out of it! To make it easier for you to do it too, I’ve improved this simple method of braiding and stitching! Whether it’s clothes, blankets or scarves, you can knit successfully with this easy and quick method!

liziqi Weave A Lamb Wool Cape

What Is Weave/Knitting Sweaters?

In years past, Weave/knitting sweaters was a way of conveying emotion by hand. “The heart is the needle, and the love is the thread.” It knits out the concern and love from the family. Wearing the clothes that the family knits for him, no matter where he goes, he feels like his relatives are by his side. This is the emotion that cannot be replaced by the sweater bought.

Liziqi's wool

Now that living conditions are better, there are more and more styles of sweaters. This meticulous hand-knitted sweater that requires a lot of energy has been forgotten in time…

How To Weave A Lamb Wool Cape?

The insulation effect of wool is very good, and several wool clothes are prepared every winter. The wool that has just been cut is actually very dirty, so first use an iron comb to roughly comb it to remove feces and weeds from the wool. It is then soaked in a detergent designed for wool and washed repeatedly until the wool is white and free of impurities.

Liziqi drying wool

After the washed wool is dried, use a steel brush to brush the velvet back and forth to make wool tops that can be spun. The thickness of the thread can be adjusted according to your own needs. For example, I need thick wool, so the thread is spun thick.

Liziqi make wool tops that can be spun

Because a lot of wool tops that can be spun is needed to make this lamb wool cape, I took a week to go from wool to tops that can be spun. After the tops is dry, the rest is the knitting process. This step only needs to be able to braid and simple stitches. See the video for details.

A Lamb Wool Cape of liziqi

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