Liziqi The Life Of Watermelons And Grapes

Liziqi | The Life Of Watermelons And Grapes

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You reap what you’ve sown. You plant grapes, and it’s the grapes that you get. You can make a jug of wine with it. Eating and drinking is a fulfilling day.

video shoots the life of watermelon and grapes by liziqi
Photographing Liziqi planting grapes
Photographing Li Ziqi planting watermelons

Summer is here, and this video shoots the life of two little friends, watermelon and grapes. As the saying goes, sow melons and reap melons, and sow grapes and reap grapes. We can turn grapes into wine. After the watermelon is eaten, don’t waste the watermelon rind, it can still be used for cooking.
(Warm reminder: It is easy to be dangerous when making your own wine, please do not imitate it)

Watermelon of Liziqi

About Watermelon

When it comes to watermelon, it is full of treasures. Its melon flesh can be eaten, juiced, and made into desserts. Its rind can be used for pickles, kimchi or salads.
The cuiyi on the outer layer of the watermelon rind can be sun-dried and then made into watermelon cuiyi tea.

liziqi cut watermelon skin
Liziqi cutting watermelon skin display

About Grapes

Speaking of grapes, I got the grape saplings from my aunt and planted them and waited for them to sprout. A total of more than 40 trees were taken and all of them are growing very well. This year, the grapes have very few fruits, and after all the cuts are done, there are only as many as shown in the video. I made them into wine. As shown in the video, I will not write the process. Note: If you don’t know how to make wine, don’t do it.

Liziqi picking grapes
Liziqi picks grapes from the vine


I’ll repeat, it’s dangerous to make your own wine. If the container and operation are not correct or the gas is not discharged in time, it is easy to explode. At the same time, bad wine is also prone to poisoning. If you don’t have a foundation in winemaking, I really don’t recommend you do it.

Liziqi makes her own wine
Liziqi makes wine from grapes

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