Liziqi The Life Of Purple Rice, Pumpkins And Peanuts

Liziqi | The Life Of Purple Rice, Pumpkins And Peanuts

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This video records the life of Pumpkin, Purple Rice and Peanut. There is so much material, if I really want to cut it in detail, I can’t finish it in an hour. The video respectively records the following scenes.

newly harvested purple rice of liziqi
  1. Pumpkin: nursing, transplanting, growing, picking, warehousing.
  2. Peanuts: sowing, budding, flowering, harvesting, and storage.
  3. Purple Rice: breeding, transplanting, heading, harvesting, drying.
liziqi planted Pumpkin

I made purple rice wine with newly harvested purple rice and glutinous rice. With the addition of white glutinous rice, the finished purple rice wine has a very beautiful color. Because there is wine left over from making purple rice wine, I use it to make smoked fish. See the video for details.

purple rice wine of liziqi
smoked fish of liziqi

As for the pumpkin, I roasted it. It tastes great and is my super favorite food. Peanuts and edamame are just in season, so they are made as a side dish.

liziqi roasted pumpkins

Finally, I made purple rice moon cake and fish head soup. After eating, we played a small game such as throwing the pot, and the happy day ended like this. Please watch the video for details, thank you for reading.

liziqi made fish head soup
liziqi played game

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