Liziqi Made Multifunctional Flowing Water Tea Table

Liziqi | Made A Multifunctional Flowing Water Tea Table

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Seeing the flowing water tea set on TV, I thought I made one myself. So I created this video.

liziqi Made A Flowing Water Tea Table

I directly transformed the old wooden bed that I slept from 6 to 13 or 14 years old, as shown in the video, and built a flower bed in the middle of it. In this way, the transformation can not only flow water but also place landscape.

liziqi Made A Multifunctional Flowing Water Tea Table

Then I figured out how to change the bed into a canal, and after I figured out the general structure, I started to practice. After a series of spotting, filling, sanding, waterproofing and repairing, the canal is ready. Then I got some moss and succulent pots to decorate my tea table. It’s so pretty and I’m very happy with it.

flowing water tea table of liziqi

Finally, I made some food out of the tea to eat with everyone on my flowing water tea table. I also played games and entertainment with them, and the beautiful life ended happily like this.

liziqi played games

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