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Liziqi | How To Make A Suzhou Sauce?

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In the hot summer, people are especially prone to sleepiness. Sometimes when she comes back from work, Liziqi likes to lie on the bed. At this point, if I smell the aroma of the fried chili sauce, I’m instantly refreshed.

Suzhou Sauce made by liziqi
Suzhou Sauce

I’ve made all kinds of sauces before, rose sauce, raspberry sauce… Liziqi Channel | Making Many Kinds Of Jam. But when it comes to bibimbap, I prefer chili sauce. Chili sauce are ever-changing, and everyone has their favorite type. The suzhou sauce shown in today’s video is quite special. It is a spicy sauce from the palace.

The Origin Of Suzhou Sauce

When Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty went to Jiangnan for the fourth time, he met Zhang Dongguan, a chef from Jiangnan, who brought him into Beijing and set up Suzhou Kitchen.

the palace of beijing
The palace of Beijing

Zhang Dongguan carried forward Suzhou cuisine in the court and promoted the exchange of food flavors in different places. He not only produced the well-known Suzhou Meat and Suzhou Fish, but also Suzhou Sauce. Suzhou sauce was originally a palace sauce made by Suzhou kitchen, which was also well-known inside and outside the palace at that time.

Making Suzhou Sauce

I remember when I first met Suzhou Sauce, I was attracted by the special taste. Different from the heavy spicy or salty spicy of ordinary spicy sauce, it is more inclined to a mild taste. I call this special spicy flavor that combines the tastes of the north and the south: soft spicy.

Liziqi learns how to make suzhou sauce from the master
Liziqi learns how to make suzhou sauce from the master

Later, I learned more about the production process of Suzhou Sauce, and the summary is: make a good sauce with ingenuity. It selects natural raw materials from excellent origins and is made through 14 traditional ancient sequences. According to the masters, each of these 14 recipes has its own secrets, and it must be done in order, so as to ensure its spicy flavor.

The ingredients for making Suzhou sauce
The ingredients for making suzhou sauce
Liziqi collects the ingredients for making Suzhou sauce
Liziqi collects the ingredients for making suzhou sauce

From Heilongjiang to Sichuan, 18 kinds of raw materials were brought together after crossing 7 major provinces. Four excellent varieties of chili peppers are used in the raw materials, and the golden ratio needs to be carefully adjusted to fully mobilize the characteristics of different chili peppers. See the video for details.

A jar of fresh and crispy suzhou sauce was placed in front of me, I scooped out a spoonful into the noodles, my appetite suddenly increased. I was able to eat them all in a few minutes, feeling like the fatigue of the day was gone. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

The food is eaten with Suzhou sauce.
The food is eaten with suzhou sauce.

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