Liziqi Channel Eating Sweet Persimmons In Winter

Liziqi | Eating Sweet Persimmons In Winter

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In 2018, I posted a video of persimmons, and then I received persimmon vinegar from a fan friend. Her persimmon vinegar is particularly good, with a fresh persimmon fragrance in the acid. Sweet, mellow, and very special. So last year, I picked persimmons and made persimmon vinegar. The whole fermentation process is more than a year, please watch the video for details.

Persimmon Cake of liziqi

Picking Persimmons

liziqi Picks Persimmons

At the end of October this year, after the frost fell, I picked a few baskets of persimmons to make hanging persimmons.
If there are hanging branches, hang them on the hanging branches and dry them into hanging persimmons. If there is no hanging branch, it will be dried directly into round persimmons.

Drying Persimmons

liziqi dried persimmons

This place in Sichuan is not suitable for drying persimmons. Because the air humidity here is high, the persimmons are not easy to dry after being softened during the drying process. If it catches up with the rainy day, the humidity will be heavier, and it will directly turn green and rot away.

liziqi hangs persimmons on the hanging branches

In order to overcome the climate that is not suitable for drying dried persimmons, I take them back and hang them indoors every night, and then turn on the heater to dry them. When the temperature warms up during the day, hang them out to ventilate to dry. It’s been like this for a whole month. That’s why my lovely persimmon didn’t grow green hair and rot all over.

Making Persimmon Cake

Once the persimmons are completely dry, seal them up and let them frost. See the video for details. A layer of persimmon cake and a layer of dried persimmon skin will have a good-looking persimmon frost in about half a month. It is the white frosting on the surface, which is the fructose crystals that separate from the water when the persimmon flesh is dried. The persimmons with icing sugar will have a sweet candy heart when they are opened, and the fragrance will become more fresh. Very tasty.

Persimmon Cake made by liziqi

Food is truly amazing and always has the ability to make people happy. There are many vegetables that can be eaten in winter. We fry some meat, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and drip some persimmon vinegar. It is cold. We surround the stove and taste the freshly frosted persimmon cakes. Sweet, fragrant, and then drink a bowl of hot fish soup, and chat with the homely elders, this should be the happiness of winter.

liziqi makes food

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