Liziqi Channel When The Flipping Pan Meets Biscuits

Liziqi Channel | When The Flipping Pan Meets Biscuits

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Liziqi ate a food called “Flipping Pan” before in Guizhou. Liziqi thought my grandma hadn’t seen it before, so she made it with Jinyun biscuits for her to eat.

Liziqi made Flipping Pan

“Flipping Pan” is really simple and delicious food. Everything can be burnt! Just put whatever you like to eat! Drizzle the oil and put the fried meat and seasonings on it and it’s delicious. See the video for details on how to do it.

Liziqi made chicken skin oil

This oil, I use chicken skin oil. Slowly boil the chicken skin over a low heat, and the oil will be clear and translucent. At the same time, the chicken skin became super soft and glutinous. Be sure to use a low fire, if it is a high fire it will explode directly. Fried meat in hen’s fat is really delicious.

Liziqi made Jinyun biscuits

While making the “Flipping Pan”, I made a biscuits. It’s the Jinyun biscuits that I like to eat. After eating the “Flipping Pan”, I ate a steaming Jinyun biscuits, and finally drank two bowls of chicken soup. My whole body was warmed up. So satisfying.

Liziqi is singing

Thank you for reading and Liziqi wishes you a safe, healthy, happy and beautiful life for the rest of your life.

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