Liziqi Channel The Life Of Yellow Peaches

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Yellow Peaches

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Every year when the yellow peaches are ripe, liziqi will pick them to make canned yellow peaches, jam, dried fruit and yellow peach wine. This year, she also tried to make yellow peach roasted pork ribs, which was very delicious. See the video for details.

The yellow peaches picked by liziqi

Making Canned Peaches

When making canned yellow peaches, the yellow peaches should be selected hard, because the hard yellow peaches are resistant to cooking and taste good in slices. After washing and peeling the yellow peach, divide it into two or four. Then soak it in light salt water to avoid oxidation. Then put it in the sugar water and cook until soft. The ratio of yellow peach and sugar is about 6:1.

liziqi washes and peels the yellow peach

If you want to keep the cooked peach meat for a long time, you should put it in a new canned bottle while it is still hot. Put it in and twist it, and quickly turn it upside down and let it cool. Then put in refrigerator. It can be stored for a long time without opening the jar.

the canned peaches made by liziqi

Another method is to boil the sugar water and pour it into the bottle, then add the yellow peach to tighten it, steam it in a pot, let it cool, and then put it in the refrigerator. This method allows canned yellow peaches to last longer. But we make our own without any additives, so we need to eat it as soon as we open the jar.

yellow peaches soaked by liziqi

Making Yellow Peach Jam

liziqi makes yellow peach jam

Yellow peach jam with pulp, it is “ruby ketchup“. Its method is very simple, marinate the yellow peach with sugar for two or three hours to produce pectin, the amount of sugar depends on the taste, then boil the pectin to thicken it, let it cool, mix with honey, and seal it.

Making Yellow Peach Dried Fruit

yellow peach jam made by liziqi

The practice of yellow peach dried fruit is simpler. After peeling the yellow peach, cut it into the shape you like, add a little sugar and boil it until soft, take it out and dry it in the sun. See the video for details.

Finally, I also make yellow peach wine and lanterns. It is very suitable to put it on the bedside or in the room as a night light. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

liziqi makes lanterns
The lanterns of liziqi

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