Liziqi Channel The Life Of Wheat

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Wheat

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Every day has been very fulfilling recently, and I am busy harvesting wheat. It’s cooler in summer mornings, so I get up before dawn. We planted the wheat earlier this season, so it was early to turn yellow. This video records the sowing, germination, leaf splitting, heading, blooming and yellowing of wheat ears. When you witness the process of plant from seed to seed, you will love life even more.

Liziqi is busy harvesting wheat

The harvested wheat can be threshed after drying for two or three days. After the wheat grains have fallen, they can be concentrated in the sun for two days, and then the impurities can be removed with a windmill. As for the mud in the wheat, it can only be washed when it is eaten. After the wheat is dried, it can be directly loaded into the warehouse.

The Wheat of Liziqi
The harvested wheat can be threshed by liziqi

I also collected the scattered wheat and made maltose after washing and soaking. Maltose is very good for our body. In summer, I often use maltose to make water or tea for my grandma to drink. In addition to flushing water, maltose is also a good material for sugar painting.

maltose of liziqi
liziqi made maltose

After washing and drying the newly harvested wheat, I made crispy little twist, fresh pork buns, hand-rolled noodles and roujiamo. I like to make my own twist, because the ones bought from outside are hard and not crispy enough.

liziqi made crispy little twist
liziqi made fresh pork buns

This is the life of wheat that Liziqi recorded. Thanks for reading, and Liziqi wish you a happy life.

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