Liziqi Channel The Life Of The Dried Persimmons

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of The Dried Persimmons

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After the cold dew, the temperature is one day lower. There is a large temperature difference between morning and evening in this season. Such weather can retain nutrients and produce fresh and sweet persimmons. Liziqi decided to pick some persimmons on the mountain to make dried persimmon.

the persimmons on the mountain

In ancient times food was not as plentiful as it is now. Ancestors often do some dehydration treatment on the fresh ingredients of the season and store them. This is how dried persimmon were born in case of emergency.

Picking Persimmon

I was sitting under the persimmon tree, picking a ripe persimmon and eating it. Although it was a mouthful of juice, I was still very happy. This was the most relaxing day in the countryside in my early years. Most of the persimmons are now grown by elderly people. They pick some fruits every year and sell them for money. There’s still a lot on the tree that hasn’t been sold this year.

Liziqi decided to pick some persimmons

Making Dried Persimmon

Persimmons with pointed buttocks are usually used to make dried persimmon. I will pick them before they are soft. After scraping the skins off the persimmons, we hang them in a ventilated place until they lose their moisture. After this treatment, the persimmons will soften and not be bitter.

liziqi made Dried Persimmon

Remember to keep the persimmon skin, it will be used later. When the persimmons are almost dry, we seal the persimmons with the persimmon skin. This is done to evaporate the remaining moisture, which we call “covering cream”. After 10-15 days, persimmon frost (fructose) will grow on the surface of the persimmon. They are like a blanket of snow. At this step, the dried persimmon is ready. See the video for details.

Dried Persimmon made by liziqi

Dried persimmons are delicious. I also made a pot of warm brown sugar ginger tea at the end. Dried persimmons are better with brown sugar ginger tea. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

liziqi eat Dried Persimmon

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