Liziqi Channel The Life Of Potato

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Potato

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No one doesn’t like potatoes, I like to eat potato braised pork ribs, hot and sour potato powder, mashed potatoes, potato chips, etc., what other ways to eat potatoes in your hometown?

Sowing Potatoes

My potatoes here are generally sown in autumn. The sprouted potatoes are cut according to the distribution of the sprouts, the cut surfaces are covered with clean grass ash, and then they can be buried in the soil. If it rains a lot, it will sprout on its own without watering.

Liziqi Sown Potatoes

Potatoes sown in autumn grow very slowly because of the cold weather, and basically they will not break out of the ground until the end of January next year. As the weather warms up, its growth rate becomes faster, and its leaves begin to turn yellow in summer. At this time, it must be dug out and stored in the dark.

Digging Potatoes

The dug up potatoes come in all sizes, and I sort them out. Intact potatoes are preserved. Remember to keep out of the light, otherwise it will turn green and sprout. Be careful not to eat potatoes that have turned green, because they have toxins.

Liziqi Dug Potatoes

Making Potato Dishes

I use the small potatoes to make salt-baked potatoes. My grandma made this dish for me when I was a kid. Pour the salt into the pan and fry it, then pour the small potatoes into it and bake slowly over the charcoal fire. The salt will penetrate into the potatoes with the heat, so that the roasted small potatoes will be fragrant, soft and glutinous, which is very delicious.

salt-baked potatoes made by liziqi

I picked up all the potatoes that were accidentally dug up and chopped them into thin shreds with a knife, so that the starch could be easily washed out. I shredded because shredded potatoes can also make pancakes. After washing the shredded potatoes, add your favorite seasonings, such as eggs, flour, etc. and fry them into small pancakes. The finished product is beautiful and delicious.

Liziqi picked up all the potatoes
potatoes pancakes made by liziqi

Potatoes can also be stewed, fried, or roasted. Potato roast beef, potato roast chicken, potato roast pork ribs are all my favorites. This time, I will make potato roast pork ribs and mashed potatoes. For details, please watch the video, you must try it if you have the opportunity, it is really delicious. Fragrant and crispy.

liziqi made potato roast pork ribs
mashed potatoes made by liziqi

In the end, this is the life of a potato that I recorded. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you peace and good health.

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