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Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Ginger

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This year’s ginger was planted by Liziqi in summer. As shown in the video, the whole piece of new ginger dug out is stored in the cellar. The female ginger used for sprouting can be broken off to make soups and stews. What I broke apart in the video is what I usually use to eat. I put it in a kimchi jar and I usually use it to cook fish and stir-fry beef and it’s really delicious.

The ginger was planted by Liziqi
The ginger of liziqi

Making Ginger Jujube Paste

Ginger Jujube Paste Made By Liziqi

As shown in the video, I picked up the remaining chopped ginger, washed it and chopped it, then added water to grind it into ginger juice, and finally added red dates and red soup to boil it into ginger-jujube paste.

Making Ginger Rice Tea

liziqi made Ginger Rice Tea

The practice of ginger rice tea is simpler, shred the ginger, then fry it in a pot, stir fry it to dry, put it in the rice, fry the rice to change its color, and put it in a sealed jar at last. This ginger rice tea does not have the spicy taste of ginger, but has some aroma of rice and ginger. I like it very much.

Making Pork Trotter Ginger

I ate a pork knuckle ginger in Guangdong before, and it was delicious. I asked a friend to ask her mother for the recipe for pork knuckle ginger. After the recipe came, I tried it a few times myself and it was delicious too.

liziqi made Pork Trotter Ginger

Put the ginger slices and eggs into the pot and cook, how much you put depends on your taste and appetite. Then put a lot of sweet vinegar. I will give you an example in the video to show you the dosage. In the video, a pork trotter and 10 eggs used 650 ml of sweet vinegar. There is also the addition of vinegar, the amount of vinegar in the video is half of the large bowl. Next we have to deal with the trotters. Add the blanched pork trotter and cook for 1 hour.

When the pork trotter ginger is in the pot, if you like it sweeter, you can add brown sugar to taste. My grandmother likes to eat this pork trotter.

Making Ginger Duck

liziqi made Ginger Duck

While cooking the pork trotter ginger, I took the sour ginger that I soaked in the past and fry the ginger duck which was very delicious. The operation steps are as follows. After preparing the duck meat, I add oil to the pot, fry the ginger, garlic, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns in the pot, and then stir-fry the duck meat. When frying until it has a little sugar color, add bean paste to increase the fragrance. Then add ginger, chilli, kimchi, water, cooking wine and soy sauce. Finally, cook it well until the water in the pot dries up. The duck meat is also delicious, the duck meat is very tender and very fragrant.

Ginger is good stuff. There’s always a way to make you fall in love with ginger. Also, keep warm in winter. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

Ginger is good stuff in liziqi's view

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