Liziqi Channel The Life Of Garlic

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Garlic

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What is the status of garlic in the Chinese food industry? Whether the food Liziqi makes is steamed, boiled, fried or salad, braised, blanched and marinated, it is inseparable from the seasoning of garlic. We eat garlic every day.

Liziqi's food made with garlic.

Liziqi grows garlic

Liziqi grows garlic

I usually starts growing garlic here in late summer. See the video for details. Freshly dug garlic can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can make candied garlic and pickled garlic, which is delicious. I love candy garlic so much. I pickle a lot of candied garlic every year. It is very good to eat when you have no appetite. I always use brown sugar and rock sugar for sugar garlic.

Practiced Candied Garlic

Candied Garlic made by liziqi

Peel the outer skin of the garlic and keep the inner skin. After washing it, add salt and let it marinate for a day. This removes its spiciness. Brown sugar: rock sugar: water: vinegar = 1 : 0.5 : 1 : 1. Boil rock sugar with water, then add vinegar, and let it cool slowly. Then put the marinated garlic into the jar, pour the cooled sugar liquid, add some white wine, and finally seal the jar with water. See the video for details. You can enjoy it after 2 months.

Roasted New Garlic

liziqi Roasted New Garlic

The new garlic is also delicious roasted. After peeling it, brush it with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, then bake it slowly on a low temperature. It smells good, not spicy, just garlic.

Making Garlic Chicken Feet

Garlic Chicken Feet made by liziqi

Summer is coming and I made a video of making garlic chicken feet. Here’s to you my exclusive recipe for Garlic Chicken Feet. Cut the chicken feet in half after removing the nails. After washing it, put onion and ginger to cook. After being soaked in cold water, the chicken feet will become very elastic, so wash them with cold water several times after cooking. Boil star anise, cinnamon, coriander seeds, pepper and chili in water and let it cool, then add lemon zest, celery, lemon juice, I also add a little thyme leaves, garlic, salt, rice wine, soy sauce and passion fruit vinegar. Mix well and pour into chicken feet to soak. It can be eaten after a day. See the video for details.

Making Garlic Braised Pork

Garlic Braised Pork made by liziqi

Garlic Braised Pork, I also like this one. It doesn’t have the spiciness of garlic. The new garlic that’s cooked until soft and sticky absorbs all the meaty aroma. Not spicy, very fragrant.

the garlic of liziqi

The weather has changed a lot recently, and everyone should pay attention to adding or subtracting clothes. Take care of yourself. Liziqi wish you a happy life.

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