Liziqi Channel The Life Of Corn

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Corn

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“Where does the food we eat come from?” That’s why I made this video. In the life of corn, Liziqi recorded its process from seed to germination, from growth to harvest.

Why did Liziqi make this video?

In 2017, Liziqi saw a message from a teacher, she said that she would occasionally show my videos to children in the city. While watching the video, she told the children what these vegetables and fruits were called and what they looked like. Because before that, some children in her class thought rice grew on trees. Liziqi still remembers this message deeply.

The Corn Of Liziqi

The idea in my head was: It’s normal for city kids to not be able to tell the difference between leeks and wheat. But I didn’t realize that since our generation got out of the farming era, maybe our next generation will really be less and less exposed to these. “Where does the food we eat come from?” That’s why I made this video.

Sowing Corn

After the wheat harvest in May, I started sowing corn. Sow it, then water it and cover it with soil. See the video for details. In the growing stage of corn, if the weather is about to rain, it is necessary to apply fertilizer quickly. Because a rain has passed, the nutrients will also penetrate into the soil with the rain. When corn seeds experience sunlight, rain, and fertilizer, they grow well.

Liziqi started sowing corn

In fact, I still like to deal with plants. If you give them good water and fertilizer, they will bloom beautiful flowers and bear sweet fruits.

Harvesting Corn

The corn was harvested by liziqi

By September, my corn was also ready to be harvested. As shown in the video, I have harvested the corn; I have cut the corn stalks, which can be used as firewood after drying.

Making Corn Food

I made some steamed buns with this year’s new cornmeal. The approach is simple. First, scald the cornmeal with boiling water, then add wheat flour and a little yeast water, ferment for about 15 minutes, and then knead the steamed bread, and finally steam it. It can be eaten with some side dishes.

liziqi made some steamed buns
Liziqi Made Corn Food

Finally, I also made cornmeal and corn juice, which was savory, sweet and healthy, and my grandma really liked it. Thank you for reading, and Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

liziqi made cornmeal and corn juice

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