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Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Chilli

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When the weather is cold, make a bowl of red oil noodles with chili, and it will become very warm in winter.

Liziqi grows peppers

In early spring, we carry out seedlings and transplanting. Then in summer we can eat chili. A pepper tree can bear half a year’s worth of peppers. By the time the peppers are picked for the last time, we can make the chili sauce for winter.

the chilli of liziqi

The method of growing peppers is the same in all regions. The growth of pepper has gone through seedling raising, emergence, transplanting, growth, flowering and fruiting. See the video for details. Liziqi has grown a lot of peppers this year. They come in all colors and shapes. When the weather turns cold, the peppers will no longer bear new fruit.

Liziqi hang chilli up to air dry

I searched carefully and picked a basket of peppers. I hang it up to air dry. Once the chili is fully air-dried, I mash it up to make it a “You Po La Zi”. As shown in the video, I boiled the noodles with “You Po La Zi”. Putting a little sliced bamboo shoots, shredded kelp and shredded fungus together, this is a bowl of red oil noodles.

red oil noodles made by liziqi

Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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