Liziqi Channel The Life Of Bamboo Shoots

Liziqi Channel | The Life Of Bamboo Shoots

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The weather is getting hotter. Liziqi decided to shave her lamb. I bought a shaver exclusively from the internet. After cutting my lamb’s hair, I went to the mountain to pluck my favorite bamboo shoots.

Liziqi decided to shave her lamb

This is the season of water bamboo shoots, which are also called March bamboo shoots in some places. This bamboo shoot is very crisp, tender and sweet, I like it very much.

the bamboo shoots of liziqi

Handling bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots are ingredients that will age when exposed to the wind, so they should be handled immediately after peeling them. After boiling it, soak it in cold water, and then use a bamboo skewer or a knife to shred it. Finally, it is roasted over a charcoal fire. Complete these steps in order to treat the bamboo shoots well.

Liziqi handles bamboo shoots

If it is not convenient to use a charcoal fire or you want to be lazy, you can directly dry it in the sun. However, the bamboo shoots dried in the sun will change in color, and they are not as good-looking as those dried on a charcoal fire.

Liziqi use a bamboo skewer or a knife to shred bamboo shoots

Making pickled bamboo shoots

Pickled bamboo shoots are our delicacy here. After marinating with salt overnight, we add ginger garlic and bean paste and mix well. Finally, we seal it and marinate it for more than a week before eating.

Pickled bamboo shoots made by liziqi

Various Ways To Eat Bamboo Shoots

We can seal and dry the dried bamboo shoots for storage. Take it out anytime you want to eat it. You can use it to fry bacon, make steamed buns, and stew chicken soup. It tastes amazing, really! See the video for details.

Liziqi use bamboo shoots to make steamed buns
Liziqi use bamboo shoots to fry bacon
Liziqi use bamboo shoots to stew chicken soup

Thank you for reading, and Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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