Liziqi Channel Tea Is More Than A Drink, But A Lifestyle

Liziqi Channel | Tea Is More Than A Drink, But A Lifestyle

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Thousands of years ago, the magical oriental leaves floated to the world from here. This summer, I picked some tea leaves in good time. It seems to me that drinking tea is not only a delicate and elegant tea art, but also a commonplace full of human fireworks. This is the inclusiveness of tea!

liziqi picked some tea leaves
liziqi picked tea leaves

When it comes to Chinese tea culture, we can always be confident. This magical oriental leaf floated to the world from here! In the beginning, our ancestors used tea as medicine or food supplement, but after thousands of years of history and civilization, it finally evolved into a cultural phenomenon that represents the connotation of our country’s etiquette.

liziqi makes tea

Chinese people love tea, and every household has tea in their homes. When guests come, they must have tea first, and they have to drink tea when they are talking with friends. Drinking tea has really penetrated into daily life for Chinese people. Tea is more than a drink, but a lifestyle.

liziqi drinks tea

Whether or not we used a professional tea set. Whether there is a quiet tea tasting environment or not. When you are busy at work, throw a few tea leaves in a plastic cup at will. As long as this tea is full of boiling water and brewed. In my opinion, this is entering the tea ceremony!

tea of liziqi

I hope more people can understand and love our tea culture and love every piece of fireworks in the world. In fact, this video has cooking and eating at the end, but it can’t be cut in 20 minutes. I cut it into another video. Last but not least, I hope you all take good care of yourselves and keep your phones fully charged! Life is impermanent, but nothing compares to a healthy body. Be safe and healthy.

Drinking tea

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