Liziqi Channel Soy milk, Steamed rice cake

Liziqi Channel | Soy milk, Steamed rice cake

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In late autumn, the temperature is always changing. It was cold in the morning and evening, but it was very hot when the sun came out. I picked the purple potatoes and soybeans that I planted this year, and I plan to make them into purple potato rice cakes and soy milk.

purple potatoes of liziqi
soybeans of liziqi

As shown in the video, I ground more than half of the soybeans I picked into pure soy milk. The rest have them mixed with black beans and black rice, ground into soy milk of black beans and black rice.

How To Make Purple Potato Rice Cake?

liziqi makes rice cakes

First mix the egg whites with rice flour and steam them in a pot to make rice cakes. Then add the boiled purple potato with honey and soy milk and mix it together. Finally, spread them flat on the rice cake.

What Is Soy milk?

liziqi makes soy milk

Soy milk is a traditional drink of the Han nationality. It has a history of more than 1900 years. This is our national nutrition! It’s a good thing we drank from childhood to adulthood.

Remember To Eat Breakfast

I still remember calling my grandma occasionally when I was working outside. Grandma always told me to pay attention to the weather and to eat. Make sure I have breakfast.

liziqi Make Purple Potato Rice Cake

Eating purple potato steamed rice cake for breakfast, accompanied by a cup of steaming soy milk, this is a Chinese national breakfast. Everyone must eat well and eat breakfast no matter how busy you are!

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