Liziqi Channel Snowy Days Are The Best For Making Hot Pot

Liziqi Channel | Snowy Days Are The Best For Making Hot Pot

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It was too cold on a snowy day, so liziqi wanted to eat steaming hot pot. We cook meat around the stove, there is nothing that a hot pot can’t solve!

Liziqi made the hot pot

Because it’s snowing, Liziqi can wear the cloak she made herself to go out to play! I went to the foot of the mountain and asked my neighbor for butter. I bought goose intestines and tripe. I also picked some fruit on the way home. The ingredients for making the hot pot are ready.

Liziqi made mandarin duck pot

This time I made mandarin duck pot. In 2017, I made a hot pot video. At that time, a friend told me that a good life is to eat hot pot with family members, which is lively and happy. So this time I made a mandarin duck pot that the whole family can eat.

In order to make it easier for you to make at home, I made a butter hot pot base that the whole family praised. See the video for details. I’ve been thinking about soup for a long time. If there are elderly people and children at home, as the video shows, you can make a delicious, drinkable, non-spicy soup.

Liziqi made a fresh and fragrant soup

It is also simple to do. Boil the old hen to make a fresh and fragrant soup, then combine the tube bones, coix seed, lotus seeds, red dates and lily into the soup and boil it with a small fire until it turns white and you can drink it. My grandma loved this soup.

Liziqi eats hot pot

Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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