Liziqi Channel Making Taro Rice

Liziqi Channel | Making Taro Rice

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When I was young, my grandfather always liked to cook taro rice for Liziqi. When the food in front of the stove is cooked, I can find it by smelling it. A small stack of sour taro stems are appetizing, and rice soup is standard. This scene has always been happy in my heart.

There are no recipe standards for meals at home. When I was a child, food was expensive, so adults would cook vegetables such as taro, beans, pumpkin and sweet potato with rice. The rice saved in this way can be sold into money to pay tuition fees for the children at home.

Now I can make more fragrant and delicious taro rice, but the grandfather who first taught me to cook this bowl of rice is no longer there. I hope you all cherish the people around you and go home more often. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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