Liziqi Channel Making Ruby Tomato Sauce

Liziqi Channel | Making “Ruby Tomato Sauce”

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When the tomatoes are ripe again, liziqi picked them and made a delicious “Ruby Tomato Sauce”.

the tomatoes of liziqi

Picking Tomatoes

the tomatoes and fruits of liziqi

I remember that it had been raining at this time last year, and the tomatoes and fruits I planted were rotten all over the place. I catch a good day this year, as long as it’s ripe tomatoes, I pick them all back.

Liziqi Picks Tomatoes

Making Ruby Tomato Sauce

Fans have been asking how to make “ruby” ketchup, so I made this video. In the making process, I used large and small tomatoes. We need to peel and chop the large tomatoes and cut the small tomatoes in half. Tomatoes cut in half are the key to the “ruby”. Boil the chopped big tomatoes and small tomatoes until thick, add honey and mix well. Ruby Tomato Sauce is ready. See the video for details.

The Ruby Tomato Sauce made by liziqi

Making A Tomato Soup

I made a tomato soup with the leftover tomatoes.
The soup base is chicken broth stewed with Centella asiatica. My grandma likes the chicken soup stewed with Centella asiatica. It has no special aroma, but the chicken soup with Centella asiatica will be sweet and not greasy.

A Tomato Soup made by liziqi

Final, tired of eating porridge and side dishes every morning, I pick some seasonal peanuts, corn and walnuts. I grind them up, boil them into soy milk, and make toast, which is my breakfast.

liziqi makes toast
liziqi makes breakfast

The summer sun is the most easy to make people lazy. I found a shaded corner in the yard and lay comfortably on the swing. Accompanied by the sound of cicadas, I pretended to read a few books, or squinted for an afternoon, and the happy time passed like this. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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