Liziqi Channel Making Many kinds Of Jam

Liziqi Channel | Making Many kinds Of Jam

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There are endless flowers in spring and endless fruits in summer. Liziqi made a lot of jam, enough to eat for a while. When I get up in the morning, I will pick enough vegetables, fruits and flowers for the day. Then I’ll make a hearty breakfast. One day, two people, three meals, four seasons.

endless flowers of liziqi in spring

Why Do I Make All Sorts Of Jam?

In the hot summer, the happiest thing for me is to have endless fruits. Fruit is really too much for me. Then I might as well make all of them into jam, so as to seal the sweetness of various fruits.

Liziqi made a lot of jam

Making Peach Jam

To make peach jam, choose soft peaches. There are two reasons. One is easy to peel, and the other is easy to boil. Some peaches have hard flesh and are hard to peel. Then we have to cut it into pieces so that it can be easily boiled.

the peaches of liziqi

The peaches are washed and peeled, cut into small pieces of pulp, and then we add white sugar and boil them in a pot. Lemon juice is used to adjust the tartness and consistency of the jam, and it can also brighten the color of the jam.

peach jam made by liziqi

Making Apricot Jam

To make apricot jam, we need to wash the fresh apricot fruit and control the moisture. Cut in half and remove the core, then we use a spoon to scoop out the pulp. When boiling, we remember to keep stirring and pressing with a spatula until it is fine and sticky.

the fresh apricot fruit of liziqi
Apricot Jam made by liziqi

The apricot fruit is sour, if you like to eat sweeter, you should put more sugar. The prepared apricot jam is very delicious to spread on bread or snacks.

Making Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are my childhood memory. Many children who grew up in rural areas have eaten it. It is sour, red and tender, and it is full of juice in one bite.

Strawberries made by liziqi
Strawberry Jam made by liziqi

Making Ketchup

Tomato sauce can be paired with fries, bread, and pasta, and you won’t get tired of it. Tomatoes grow best in summer. I own a lot of tomatoes. So I picked a basket this year and made my own tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce made by liziqi
Ketchup made by liziqi

Making Blueberry Jam

When I was shooting the video, I discovered that the blueberries were ripe in the yard. This year the fruit trees have grown particularly well and have produced a lot of fruit. So I picked some to make blueberry jam.

the blueberries of liziqi
Blueberry Jam made by liziqi

Finally, I also made pineapple jam. I get up every morning and go for a walk in the yard. After picking the fruits and vegetables that I want to eat for the day, I will cut some seasonal flowers and put them in the room. With some steamed corn, toasted root bread, and homemade jam, I’ll have a refreshing sweet and sour breakfast. Then I stayed at home, cooking food and crafts.

pineapple jam made by liziqi
liziqi cuts some seasonal flowers
Liziqi picks the fruits and vegetables

Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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