Liziqi Channel Ice cream made from sweet berries

Liziqi Channel | Ice cream made from sweet berries

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In summer, liziqi always has a traditional ice cream. With the steaming heat, I took a bite of the ice cream with my mouth, and the cool sweetness entered my heart. It’s the annual ice-eating season again. This year, Liziqi wants to break the routine and do something new. And then she has this berry custard ice cream making video!

a lot of fruit of liziqi

When the video started shooting, it was still spring. The cherries, mulberries, and loquats in the courtyard were ripe, so I picked some and stocked them up. By the way, I made all kinds of wine! Just store the fruit or petals + rock sugar + white wine in an airtight container and wait for it. It couldn’t be simpler. If you have a lot of fruit at home, you can also try this method to make some fruit wine.

fruit wine of liziqi

Making Berry Custard Ice Cream

Ice cream made from sweet berries is a bit more complicated than making popsicles. I make a lot of ice cream flavors, but the method is actually the same.

The cream made by liziqi

The cream is made by myself. Stir the egg yolks, sugar and lemon juice into egg yolk liquid, pour in the prepared hot milk and stir, and then mix into the cream, this is the base for making ice cream. Finally, add your favorite fruit at will, and the berry custard ice cream is done.

Berry Custard Ice Cream made by liziqi

Making Durian Ice Cream

Also, I made durian flavored ice cream. The durians were sent back from Malaysia. The practice is the same as above. See the video for details. I just made all the fruits in season. Just show you the finished product.

Durian Ice Cream made by liziqi
Strawberry ice cream made by liziqi
Pineapple Ice Cream made by liziqi

On a sultry summer day, I hid in the shaded courtyard and ate ice cream of various flavors. Accompanied by the meaning of coolness, and then secretly take a nap, this is the most hopeful thing in summer. Do not eat too much ice cream, because it is easy to gain weight. Ahahahaha.

Liziqi ate ice cream

Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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