Liziqi channel Cooked Fresh Lamb By The Copper Stove

Liziqi channel | Cooked Fresh Lamb By The Copper Stove

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This winter seems to be colder than usual. Liziqi cooked fresh lamb around the stove. The shooting time span of this video is relatively long, from the first snow to the winter solstice, more than two months.

Boiled meat in a copper stove in liziqi's video

About Boiled Meat In A Copper Stove

Boiled meat in a copper stove is actually a way of eating in Beijing. In the cold weather, there is a table of mutton, and everyone eats and chats, which is lively and satisfied.

Liziqi cooked fresh lamb around the stove

Preparing And Processing The Lamb

Cooking meat in a copper pot must use good mutton and seasonings. The most important thing about mutton is that the meat should be cut thinly. Treat it this way and it will cook quickly.

Prepared And Processed The Lamb by Liziqi

Preparing And Processing Seasonings

Fermented bean curd and sesame paste are the soul of seasoning and must be added. We also need to add soy sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, coriander, etc. Friends who can eat spicy food can also put two fresh chili peppers. Eat some spicy food in winter and you will be very warm.

Seasonings made by liziqi

Making Vegetable Fermented Bean Curd

Vegetable fermented bean curd is a specialty of my hometown. The practice of tofu has been specially filmed before, and friends who have forgotten how to do it can look back at the previous video.

liziqi made Vegetable Fermented Bean Curd

I used fresh beans last time, which does not require soaking. This time I used dry beans, so I needed to soak for a day before I could use it for grinding.

Vegetable Fermented Bean Curd made by liziqi

After the process of grinding, filtering, and boiling, I used a few cabbage leaves to remove the foam of the soy milk. Turn off the heat, slowly pour in the brine, and put the soy milk on the tofu rack to compress it. Then it enters the process of natural fermentation.

Natural fermentation is a very long process, which generally takes 10 to 15 days, and the fastest is more than 10 days. Because the raw tofu has to be sealed and stored for more than 30 days after mixing. It basically takes 2+ months to make a delicious fermented bean curd. See the video for details.

Grandma and Liziqi eat around the fire

It was freezing cold. Grandma and I eat around the fire. Cooked a slice of fresh lamb, dipped in my secret sauce, I’m so satisfied. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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