Liziqi Channel 丨Make Delicious Peach Resin

Liziqi Channel 丨Make Delicious Peach Resin

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Spring is here, maybe I’m a little tired recently, and I don’t like to eat too greasy food. So I soaked the peach resins overnight, then added white fungus, golden silk, and jujube the next day and simmered it until it became sticky. Then I added some rock sugar, wolfberry, and dried fruit to make a delicious “tear of peach blossoms”.

Liziqi Channel 丨what is peach resin

What Is Peach Resins

Peach resins, everyone knows this, it is suitable for desserts, and it also has a very nice name – “tears of peach blossoms”. It is said to be named after “the peaches were picked in August, and the peach tree cried”. However, this “peach tear” does not come from the stamen, but from the resin that the peach tree secretes when there is a wound that can heal itself. When the sticky resin evaporates in the sun, it condenses into the amber-colored gel in the video.

peach resin of liziqi

How To Make Peach Resins

liziqi made delicious peach resin

The foaming rate of peach resins is very high, if one person eats it, three or five pieces are enough. When I was shooting the video, I just soaked too much and didn’t use it up. So you need to be careful about the dosage.

tears of peach blossoms

Soak peach gum in water overnight, wait for it to soften, and then wash off the impurities inside. Add white fungus, jujube, and water, and then boil it slowly. Boil until thick, add wolfberry, rock sugar, and dried strawberries, and continue to simmer for a while to complete. Since I ate it with my grandma, I put some bird’s nest. You can add whatever you like.

Liziqi's tears of peach blossoms

Get up in the morning and drink a bowl of “tears of peach blossoms”, you can pack the taste of spring into your stomach.

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