Liziqi Channel丨The life of white radish

Liziqi Channel丨The life of white radish

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This video mainly records and shoots the life of Radish. Radish is one of the important vegetables in China and it is loved by many people.

Radish of liziqi

Do you want to know how radishes fall into seeds? How to bury it in the ground? How to germinate? How did it grow up? Find out through this video.

Liziqi plants radish.
Liziqi's radish grow up

I recorded the radish blooming its stamens. The radish seeds were harvested in early June. After drying it, plant it in August and September. It will sprout and grow. We can taste it in winter. By the following spring, when the temperature has returned, it will continue to bloom and set seeds. Its life is like this. Thanks for reading.

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