Liziqi Channel丨The Life Of Roses

Liziqi Channel丨The Life Of Roses

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Watch Liziqi tell the story of Rose’s life. Roses are a good thing. It can be viewed, eaten and given to loved ones. How are roses made to eat? It can be made into rose sauce, flower water, rose smoked chicken, flower rice lotus root, rose rice wine and my favorite rose flower cake.

home of liziqi

I have a piece of land where jasmine was planted before. It took me two days to thoroughly turn the soil and I decided to make a rose garden. When the flowers bloom, grandma will be happy to see it at home.

liziqi picking roses

Make Roses Flower Water

liziqi Make Roses Flower Water

As the video shows, by the second year, the roses in my rose garden were doing well. Pick the roses in the morning, rinse the dust with water, and dry them to make rose sauce. Some scattered petals were collected by me. They can be made into flower water by distillation. This can be used to wash your face in the morning.

Make Rose Sauce

liziqi Make Rose Sauce

I made two kinds of rose sauce. One brown sugar, one white sugar. I mainly use brown sugar rose sauce for daily drinking. Because brown sugar added with roses and some honey will ferment naturally, it can be stored for a long time.

Make Rose Flower Cake

liziqi Make Rose Flower Cake

I specially use the rose sauce pickled in white sugar to make flower cakes. Why marinate for a day or two? Because rose petals will have a little astringency of the petals themselves. A petal may not taste great, but when we eat the flower cake, we eat it in a big mouth, and many petals go directly into the mouth. So it needs to be marinated to enhance the taste. And the aroma of pickled roses is softer and sweeter. You can feel the aroma in your mouth.

Make Rose Rice Wine

liziqi Make Rose Rice Wine

I also make rose syrup from roses, which can be used in water or in desserts. All the remaining petals were collected by me to make rose rice wine.

Make Flower Rice Lotus Root

liziqi Make Flower Rice Lotus Root

At the same time, I also used soaked glutinous rice and brown sugar rose sauce to make fragrant and sweet rice lotus root. The rice lotus root that has been simmered for two hours will be very soft and glutinous, and your mouth will be full of the sweetness of roses. You can really try this, it is very delicious.

Make Rose Smoked Chicken

liziqi Make Rose Smoked Chicken

I ended up making the rose smoked chicken. Whole chicken is marinated with ginger onions, salt, white wine and lots of rose petals. Bake it. Brush with some rose syrup at the end. too delicious. How to describe it? Like the rose-scented Orleans grilled chicken, it’s especially delicious.

This is the life of a rose in my heart, it can be made into a lot of delicious food, and it is very valuable.

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