Liziqi Channel丨The Life Of Peas

Liziqi Channel丨The Life Of Peas

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Growing peas

liziqi Grow peas

Start growing peas every fall. By the spring of the second year, the peas will begin to bloom and bear fruit. By March, there will be tender green peas ready to eat. But I’m usually reluctant to pick more because I have to keep the peas.

Picking peas

liziqi Pick peas

In summer, when the peas are sun-dried until the pods automatically crack, the peas can be collected. Don’t waste the beans scattered on the ground, you can collect them to make pea sprouts. As soon as the peas swell in water, they will start to sprout on their own. Change the water every day after germination and keep it moist. If you want tender sprouts, you’ll also need shade from the sun. Pea sprouts can be used in salads, soups and hot pots.

Picking peas by liziqi

Pea dishes

Pea dishes of liziqi

On the day when the pea shoots grew, I also bought pig’s feet and added peas to stew the hoof flower soup. My grandma loved this soup, it was very soft and glutinous. I made pea jelly with peas, fried crispy peas, sautéed pea sprouts, and cooked a little pea mixed noodles. These can be see in the video.

liziqi makes Pea dishes
Pea dishes from liziqi

This is the life of peas that I recorded. They are very valuable.

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