Liziqi Channel丨The Life of Cotton

Liziqi Channel丨The Life of Cotton

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Grow Cotton

liziqi Grow Cotton​

When I was a child, I often saw cotton growing in my house. I haven’t seen each other since I grew up. I am trying to grow cotton this year. I bought seeds online, but I bought a few varieties because I was worried that they could not be planted. Fortunately, they all sprouted.

Picking Cotton

liziqi Picking Cotton​

Cotton is not opened at one time, it is opened in a batch, then picked a batch, picked and dried! The cotton that is picked must be dried to remove its moisture, and then its seeds must be removed. When I was a child, I saw a wood combing machine for removing cottonseeds, but now I don’t have it anymore, so I can only rely on my hands. Picking one by one must be very slow, so I thought of a way to comb the cotton seeds with a wool comb. While this is slower than a carding machine, it is also much faster than a hand.

Remove Cotton Seeds And Impurities

liziqi Remove Cotton Seeds And Impurities​

After removing the cottonseed and other impurities, the cotton thread is ready to be pulled. What is shown in the video is the wrapping net of cotton wool, which should be evenly and densely wrapped around the elastic cotton. So you have to pull all kinds of cotton. Left, right, horizontal, vertical. The cotton can be played/hited only when the cotton thread is pulled well.

Hit/Play cotton

liziqi Play Cotton​

My cotton tool has been around for more than 20 years. Because it has not been used for a long time, its wood and bamboo strips are weathered. Although I repaired it carefully, I was still poked in the nose by the flying bamboo sticks when I chopped the bamboo strips.

The cotton after the cottonseed is removed must be loosened with a stick before it can be played/hited, because the cotton is too tight and it is not easy to open, it will be wrapped around the string, and the more it is played/hited, the tighter it is.

Quilt Made From Cotton

Quilt Made From Cotton​

In fact, playing/hiting cotton is very tiring, more strenuous than me carrying dozens of catties of food. I loved watching my dad play/hit cotton when I was a kid, but never did it myself. Because I made quilts for my grandma this time, I studied very hard for two days.

The loose cotton covers the entire cotton bed, and after a little pressure, the cotton thread on the surface can be pulled. Play the grid to fix the approximate position of the cotton, and then sew the cotton net together to complete.

Quilt Made by liziqi

Although the quilt made by the machine is good and warm now, I just want to make a quilt for my grandma. She was very happy to hear that I was going to play the quilt for her. While I was making quilts, she kept going around me. This is the life of cotton in my heart. They are especially valuable.

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