Liziqi Autumn is the home of nuts, Chestnut is sweet

Liziqi | Autumn is the home of nuts, Chestnut is sweet

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Autumn is a sweet season. The chestnuts and acorns on the mountain are ready to be harvested. Liziqi picked up some and came back to eat.

Liziqi picks vegetables

We finally meet again. I have been at home every day recently and have not traveled for business. But the busy days passed by. Realizing that I haven’t updated the video for a long time, the chestnuts are ripe and they are about to fall out. So I went up the mountain and picked up a lot of chestnuts and acorns.

the chestnuts of liziqi

Usually we pick up chestnuts and remove the shells on the mountain, but there are many bugs on our mountain. They were bigger than my thumb and I was so scared. So I picked up the chestnut shells and brought them back.

the acorns of liziqi

Making Acorn Jelly

Liziqi Made Acorn Jelly

We all know chestnuts, acorns may be unfamiliar, it is the favorite fruit of the little squirrel in the movie Ice Age. Not only squirrels like acorns, but they can also be used as jelly, which is super delicious!

Making Fried Rice Chestnuts and Chestnut Sauce

Fried Rice Chestnuts Made By Liziqi

I fried chestnuts with rice. Really delicious. It has more rice aroma. See the video for details. After I peeled and mashed the chestnuts, I added water and a little butter, added some sugar and a little salt, boiled it until it thickened, let it cool, and finally put it in a can to make the chestnut sauce.

Chestnut Sauce Made By Liziqi

Making Fried Rice Pumpkin Rice

Liziqi Made Fried Rice Pumpkin Rice

I added pumpkin, autumn beans, salt and a little oil to the fried rice with fried chestnuts and steamed the rice.
The reason why the rice is steamed without water is that after the pumpkin is cooked, a lot of juice will be precipitated, which is enough to make the rice soft and rotten.

Making Brown Sugar Chestnuts

Brown Sugar Chestnuts Of Liziqi

I removed the crust from the chestnuts and left the inner skin, added a little baking soda and cooked for 15 minutes. After washing with water, remove the skin. Put in the boiled brown sugar juice, cook for a few minutes and then simmer for a few minutes. After it cools, you can put it in a jar. It was so delicious, I ate a lot after filming it!

Making Chestnut Black Chicken Soup

Chestnut Black Chicken Soup Made By Liziqi

Making chicken soup is easy. I boil black chicken, angelica, red dates, ginkgo, green onions and ginger, then add a little salt and chestnuts in and cook it slowly over a low heat. Very fragrant.

Thank you for reading, and Liziqi wishes you a happy life. Take good care of yourself.

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