Liziqi A Favorite Food In My Childhood, Sanzi

Liziqi | A Favorite Food In My Childhood, Sanzi

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Sanzi is a kind of fried food. People called it cold food in the old days. As a child, Li Ziqi could only eat Sanzi during Chinese New Year and festivals. Although it’s made with just a pinch of salt and eggs, it’s fragrant and crunchy. The Sanzi are also called fried dough twist or Crisp Noodle.

Liziqi made Sanzi

This is a video taken by Li Ziqi with a tripod a long time ago. When one shot is finished and ready for the next shot, the Sanzi in the pot is fried. So to shoot the next shot, Li Ziqi had to re-fry the second batch.

the flour of liziqi
The flour

In other words, the process of frying the Sanzi is actually made by me several times. The same as the process of making Lanzhou beef noodles before, I did it nearly 20 times before filming the whole process. So don’t worry about this lens being different from the last one, because it’s not the same batch at all.

Sanzi is an ancient “fried food”. It was born with the ancient “Cold Food Festival”. It has a history of more than two thousand years.

Liziqi used bamboo chopsticks to support the pan and fried sanzi

The raw materials of sanzi are simple and the craftsmanship is exquisite. The most difficult thing is not to break. We need to add flour, salt and water to mix, then twist into thin strips, plate and ferment in oil basin for half a day.

Liziqi fried the sanzi in the pot

Then use bamboo chopsticks to support the pan and fry, the sanzi should be completely immersed in the oil, turn it over when it is slightly set, and fry it until it is deep yellow. It is done.

the sanzi made by liziqi

Whether it is precious ingredients or delicious snacks, the taste of memory can last. Thanks for reading. Liziqi wishes you a happy life.

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