Liziqi Channel丨The Life Of Okra And Morning Glory

Liziqi丨The Life Of Okra And Morning Glory

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I want a road full of morning glory. Because when the flowers bloom, the wall is full of flowers. This was full of hope, so I made it out of bamboo tubes in the spring. Next to it I also planted a piece of okra. Looking at the countless vines and fruits, I feel alive.

bamboo tubes of liziqi

Why Choose Morning Glory?

morning glory of liziqi

Because it has many advantages! It will not die if the wind blows it, but it will not die if exposed to the sun, and it has a long flowering period. When I patrol the garden every morning, I see the morning glories swaying in the morning wind, and watching them grow wildly, I feel very happy! Later, I picked up some stones from the mountain and came back to pave a gravel road. This way, when I wake up in the morning and look at the flowers, my feet won’t get muddy.

Why Do I Want To Grow Okra?

With the road, I always think about what to grow here. Because the seedlings of okra breed the most, I planted this. At the same time, I also planted all the seedlings that could not be planted in the yard here. They are loofah, cucumber, beans, gourd, pumpkin, tomato, sunflower, concanava, lentils, zucchini, eggplant and so on.

liziqi pave a gravel road

This season is so beautiful. All kinds of melons and vegetables are crawling along the trees and bamboo poles everywhere. Strings of melons are hung everywhere they go. I walk around here every morning when I get up. See where I need to pull the grass, where I should put up a shelf, whether there is something I want to follow the vine, whether there is a broken melon, and then pick up the vegetables and fruits that I need to eat for a day. The days are busy and fulfilling.

liziqi planted a piece of okra

Okra, a vegetable, is a little less popular than radishes and eggplants. But in fact, this guy has very high nutritional value. I remember watching the agriculture channel reporting on okra many years ago. It is reported that the flowers, stems, seeds and seed clips of okra are all treasures. It is reported that young okra can be eaten, old okra can be dried for okra tea, okra seeds can be pressed for oil, and seed pods and poles can be used as animal feed. Anyway, it means that the nutrition is very good.

liziqi pick up the vegetables and fruits

Making Gourmet Meals With Okra

There are many ways to eat okra, and they are not complicated. I started making dinner as the sun was about to go down.

Okra of liziqi

Okra Tea

To make okra tea, just use older okra or okra flowers to dry in the sun.

Roasted Okra

For roasted okra, choose the tenderest okra. After blanching it cool, wipe off the excess water, add some chicken oil, salt and pepper, mix well, then put it on a bowl and bake until cooked.

liziqi made Okra Salad

Okra Salad

Making okra salad is even easier. Boiled the water, wiped off the excess water, then mix with your favorite ingredients. I put half a bottle of shiitake sauce in it and it was delicious.

Pork Belly Okra Rolls

liziqi made Pork Belly Okra Rolls

Cut the pork belly thinly, mix and marinate with green onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and chili powder, then remove the seeds of the okra and wrap the meat filling, wrap the marinated pork belly on the outside and fry it.

liziqi Stewed fish soup with okra flowers

I ended up making okra shrimp scrambled eggs and steamed cold noodles with okra. Stewed fish soup with okra flowers. These are very nutritious and very tasty. After all the dishes were ready, I picked some fruit, made a pot of okra tea, and started dinner. That’s the end of a beautiful day.

liziqi made okra shrimp scrambled eggs
liziqi started dinner

As long as you are doing the right thing, the meaningful thing, and the thing you like, please stick to it a little more, and it will be fine. Because your efforts are an account of your own life course, not for others to see. No one has good luck all the time, you only have 100 points of effort to catch every point of luck. If you don’t work hard, even if the opportunity comes, you won’t be able to seize it. Liziqi wish you all peace and health.

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