Liziqi丨Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers

Liziqi丨Make a peach blossom crown with silk flowers

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I wanted to make my own hair accessories for taking pictures, so I made this video. I made some “Silk Flower” Hanfu items with silk fabrics. Spring is here and the peach blossoms are blooming. I took my grandma to the place she always wanted to go.

The peach blossoms of liziqi

This year, there are more frosts than the previous two years, and many flowers that are not cold-resistant are gone. The triangular flower as thick as the wrist, I made straw for it to keep warm, but unfortunately it also froze to death. The garden has been filled, and the roses that were sown at the beginning of the year are blooming! Seeing these flowers makes me feel very happy.

Liziqi grows peach blossoms

Why am I making this video?

This time I didn’t plan to make a video, I want to take my grandma to the place she’s been talking about for years. Because there are memories of her and my grandpa when they were young. When I was a child, there was a “peach” in my name, which my grandfather took.

liziqi makes a headgear with peach blossoms
liziqi makes hair accessories

Taking a photo requires a headgear with peach blossoms, so I decided to make one myself. So I temporarily decided to shoot this video. Thinking about making a video, I can’t be too perfunctory, so I made a hair accessory with traditional craftsmanship – silk flower. Silk flowers, also known as “Jinghua”, are mostly imitation flowers made of silk and fabrics as raw materials.

a headgear with peach blossoms of liziqi

What Is Silk flowers?

It has a history of more than 1,000 years. In the Tang Dynasty, it was very popular for women to use silk flowers as accessories. Now it is also a national intangible cultural heritage. The headgear is ready to match with the clothes. But I found that I didn’t have a pink cape, so I sewed one with rough hands.

liziqi makes silk flower
maked silk flower by liziqi
Liziqi wears Hanfu

In the end, thanks for watching this video. Happy spring!

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