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Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, you can't do it without salt丨Liziqi Channel

Salt is the important of all flavors. Whether it is to change the taste of food, or as an item to support the national finances, this small crystal, witnessing the history of China, is never absent!


The life of roses

Watch Liziqi tell the story of Rose's life.


The life of cotton

What is the life of cotton in Liziqi's view? Come watch it.


The life of peas

How wonderful is Pea's life, come and watch Liziqi's point of view.

Learn or make traditional Chinese delicacies here, such as candied gourd sticks, fried peanuts and seeds, and various sweets…
Photo of Liziqi

Liziqi | Oriental intangible cultural heritage

Watch the super charismatic oriental intangible cultural heritage.

What kind of food can Liziqi make in spring? Come check it out!

What can you cook in autumn? Come see what Liziqi thinks! Read More

What can you cook in autumn? Come and follow Liziqi to do it together! Go!

What can you cook in winter? Come and follow Liziqi to do it together! Let’s go.

Liziqi tell the life of watermelons and grapes

Liziqi | The life of watermelons and grapes

You reap what you’ve sown. You plant grapes, and it’s the grapes that you get. You can make a jug of wine with it. Eating and drinking is a fulfilling day.

Liziqi Tell The life of cucumbers

Liziqi | The life of cucumbers

Pick fresh cucumbers and make cucumber skin bacon, shredded chicken cold noodles, cucumber fried rice, and chicken burritos. This is the taste of Liziqi’s summer.